Hats & Hats

Hats and Hats was founded in 1997 by Bruno Lacorazza and Adriana Guzman.

Our Story

We started the business in a small location of 700 sf. in North Miami Beach selling only men’s hats, soon women started to get interesting in buying hats, so we saw the potential and got to work to bring many lines of ladies hats.

Moving Forward

Little by little the ladies section increased and now contributes to more that 65% of our sells. We also saw the need to expand the business and now Hats and Hats sits in 2,000 sf. full of hats.

What We Do

We provide a large selection of men’s fedoras, stingy brims, derbies, panama hats, sun hats, caps, fascinators, fancy hats for women and headwear’s accessories. We are proud to say that we have the biggest selection of hats in South Florida.

When He Talks Hats, Basic Black Is Only the Beginning

Several times a year, Bruno Lacorazza, a Colombian-born hatter, comes to Brooklyn from Miami to sell his wares to shops that serve Orthodox Jewish communities.

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Repairs & Reblocking

Hats and Hats also specialize in hat repairs, we understand that your hat is special to you and sometimes it needs some adequate care. We handle hats of all shapes, sizes and colors. We have the equipment and personnel to restore your hats. Please visit “hats repairs” to find out about prices and time frame.

Custom Made

At Hats and Hats you can find a big selection of headwear for all kind of tastes but we understand that sometimes you are looking for something different and unique “just for you”. Let us know what you are looking for. Email us to hatsandhats@hotmail.com or call us to 305 944-8202.

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